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Antique Style Wardrobes


From the small, ornate rococo cabinet with two doors to six-door baroque wardrobes: At you will find a fine selection of high-quality furniture for your laundry and clothing.
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Louis XIV, the Sun King, says that he ruled from the bedside. Our selection of luxurious bedding brings the Baroque period to life and makes your personal retreat into something very special. Our antique style wardrobes are exclusively remade and are faithful replicas of the originals from the 17th to the 19th century. The handsome Baroque Keiderscränke are very elaborate in the processing. The sturdy and eye-catching frames, partially worked with gold profiles, transform your bedroom into a palace full of pomp and glory.


Impressive luxury wardrobes in Baroque style:

  • Exclusively new productions
  • no used furniture
  • elaborately processed and sturdy frame
  • Paint finishes with Protective varnish
  • partly with gold profiles and paintings
  • handmade with great attention to detail
  • sumptuous, nostalgic design
  • incomparable shapes

LouisXV furniture is made in the following styles

  • Baroque (Louis-equatorze /Louis IXV /Louis-Treize /Louis XIII) 1620 - 1720
  • Rococo /Late Baroque (Louis-quinze /LouisXV /Régence) 1720-1750
  • Classicism (Zopfstil /Josephine /Empire /Louis Seize /Louis XVI /Directoire) 1750 - 1815
  • Restoration (Biedermeier /Louis-Philippe) 1815 -1848
  • Historism /Eclecticism (Second Empire /Napoleon III.) 1848 -1910