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Cabinets and Shelves


Our selection of cabinets and shelves in Baroque and Classicist style. Our furniture is made of, among other things, best European beech wood with masterful veneer overlays.


We also supply a lot of cabinets on request in the Boulle technique.This is from Charles Andre Boulle a fine carpenter from the Baroque era.His merit is the craftsmanship perfection of the technique of Boulle marquetry helped to make a breakthrough. One reason for its popularity lies in the styles of the grotesque and arabesque and their successes in the late 17th century. In 1707 Charles Andre Boulle delivered the first furniture with Boulle Marqueterie to King Louis XIV.


Faster, more precise manufacturing was made possible by the use of improved tools.The main feature of Boulle is the use of tortoiseshell in combination with brass or tin. These are glued to the furniture surface. Here, a distinction is made between two contrasting design techniques. As with marquetry with wood, there is a positive and a negative marquetry. Often the tortoiseshell layer is covered with colored paper. In some cases, the brass sawing work, which is up to 5mm thick, was additionally chiselled.


Nowadays Boulle is mostly made from a foil cut out with a laser or a plotter. These are designed so thin that the surfaces where they are glued are so sublime that they can only be felt and not seen, after a thick layer of paint is applied over all.

Many other decorative furniture to store or stylishly present can be found in the categories showcases, dressers, wardrobes, etc.


LouisXV furniture is manufactured in Following Styles

  • Baroque (Louis-equatorze /Louis IXV /Louis-Treize /Louis XIII) 1620 - 1720
  • Rococo /Late Baroque (Louis-quinze /LouisXV /Régence) 1720-1750
  • Classicism (Zopfstil /Josephine /Empire /Louis Seize /Louis XVI /Directoire) 1750 - 1815
  • Restoration (Biedermeier /Louis-Philippe) 1815 -1848
  • Historicism /Eclecticism (Second Empire /Napoleon III.) 1848 -1910