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Chandelier stand

Chandeliers, lamps and chandeliers


Put your antique ambiance in perspective: Here you will find beautiful brass chandeliers with 1 to 100 illuminated spots. Very nice, authentic and with a nice light color are the recently available LED lamps with filament. Here you have a luminous efficacy that typically consumes less than 10% of energy, much the same as conventional incandescent technology. In addition, the durability is over 10 times as high and the light output is immediately on and not much delayed as in the meantime, even obsolete energy-saving lamps

Our candelabra series AgEag ... are all made of solid brass and are therefore not comparable to those of the hardware store or the lamp shop. Such Chinese candlesticks look clean at first glance, but can only pass through as relics to a limited extent, because they ultimately do not look as authentic and antique as our candlesticks. LouisXV has launched this series to match other furniture.


Crystal chandeliers that look nice are many on the internet, those that look and work like antique are in this selection only with us.


LouisXV furniture is made in following styles

  • Baroque (Louis-equatorze /Louis IXV /Louis-Treize /Louis XIII) 1620 - 1720
  • Rococo /Late Baroque (Louis-quinze /LouisXV /Régence) 1720-1750
  • Classicism (Zopfstil /Josephine /Empire /Louis Seize /Louis XVI /Directoire) 1750 - 1815
  • Restoration (Biedermeier /Louis-Philippe) 1815 -1848
  • Historism /Eclecticism (Second Empire /Napoleon III.) 1848 -1910