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Table de jeu

Gambling tables and chess tables


Our selection of hinged antique style gambling tables, some with integrated chessboard. Like all our furniture, these pieces are hand-crafted from solid wood and exude a high degree of authenticity, so that only connoisseurs recognize the difference to a carefully restored antique furniture. We carry all kinds of tables. Console tables or console tables, also called center table which you can place in the middle of the room. Our tables are mostly veneered and possibly also inlaid. The legs and body are made of beech to keep them stable.
More small tables can be found in our side tables section.


LouisXV furniture is made in the following styles

  • Baroque (Louis-equatorze /Louis IXV /Louis-Treize /Louis XIII) 1620 - 1720
  • Rococo /Late Baroque (Louis-quinze /LouisXV /Régence) 1720-1750
  • Classicism (Zopfstil /Josephine /Empire /Louis Seize /Louis XVI /Directoire) 1750 - 1815
  • Restoration (Biedermeier /Louis-Philippe) 1815 -1848
  • Historism /Eclecticism (Second Empire /Napoleon III.) 1848 -1910